Northeastern University's Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Team

What is CCDC?

The Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition is an annual red-team vs. blue-team competition between colleges and universities in the United States.

The competition is split into various regions across the US, and our team is part of the Northeast region.

The Team

Our team consists of students from many diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise.

Dennis Giese's face
Dennis Giese

Kyle Sferrazza's face
Kyle Sferrazza

  • Our captain
  • Focus: Linux
  • Knows every CLI argument for GNU screen
  • “Our domain controller is running out of battery!”

Fiona McCrae's face
Fiona McCrae

  • Focus: Linux
  • Reinstalled OS on family computer to circumvent parental controls (age 12)
  • Bricked family computer

Simon Bruklich's face
Simon Bruklich

  • Focus: Windows
  • Started Windows career on Vista circa 2008
  • Prefers Windows Home over Windows Pro

Samir Elhelw's face
Samir Elhelw

  • Focus: SOC & Windows

Sara Takhim's face
Sara Takhim

  • Focus: Linux
  • Obtained 3 certifications in high school

Derek Ng's face
Derek Ng

  • Focus: Linux

Hava Kantrowitz's face
Hava Kantrowitz

  • Focus: SOC & Linux

Max Sebso's face
Max Sebso

Incoming Members

Members currently in training to compete next season.

Federico Cassano's face
Federico Cassano

Shannon Assouline's face
Shannon Assouline

Ali Bobi's face
Ali Bobi


Previous team members, captains, and coaches.

Michael Wang's face
Michael Wang

  • 2020-2021 coach

Matthew Kline's face
Matthew Kline

  • 2020-2021 captain
  • Focus: Windows
  • Can trigger a Blue Screen of Death on anything

Brianna Weinstein's face
Brianna Weinstein

  • Focus: Linux

How do I join?

We’re glad you’re interested in joining the team!

We have an annual tryout process which takes place between the end of September and early November. The CCDC competition starts early in the spring semester. Everyone is welcome to try out – graduates and undergraduates, as well as international students.

You can obtain more information regarding CCDC (including tryouts) and our partner club, NU Security Club, by joining the NUSec mailing list.